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Electrofreakz recently posted a review of Schiller’s newest album, Breathless, calling it “nothing less than a perfect chill out CD”. Electrofreakz is a music community that features the best of trance, progressive, techno, house, and electro music. Read what they had to say about Breathless:

“Schiller – Breathless, Album Review:

Schiller has done it yet again, producing another quality chill out album. From the top the album takes on a dark tone and a very powerful atmospheric set of sounds. The rich sound quality and mastered use of instruments makes this album nothing less than a perfect chill out CD. The CD works great for a long drive or a moment of self-reflection. This is one of those albums that takes you away from reality and sends you on a journey of thoughts and ideas, almost like being subdued by a mind expanding drug.

The album features many famous vocalists like Nadia Ali, Kim Sanders, Kate Havnevik and many more. The best of the vocal tracks, in my opinion is Track 4 – Try featuring Nadia Ali. Nadia Ali’s beautiful voice with Schiller’s atmospheric chill out vibe makes for an excellent track. A few other notable vocal tracks are 06. Playing With Madness with Mia Bergström,  10. Under My Skin with Kim Sanders, 14. Sunday Version 02 with Despina Vandi and 12. Breathe with September featured on CD – 2 Desire.

Playing with Madness and Under My Skin are your typical/the Schiller styled vocal tracks, atmospheric, slow chilled out vibes with hypnotizing vocal work. On the other hand, Sunday Version 02 and Breathe exhibit another side of Schiller which features strong and more progressive chill out. A rolling base line, a groovy melody, and an overall great vibe make these two tracks my favorite on the album. To put it simply, if you were to show off this new album to your friend, you would start by showing Sunday Version 02 and Breathe. These two tracks will appeal to all lovers of music and not just people who love chill out and EDM in general. While Playing With Madness and Under My Skin would be great tracks to show your friends who love chill out. Overall, these four tracks would make the album a sure buy, but there is plenty more to this album.

CD -2 entitled Desire, which ships with the American release of the album, is a great album and in my opinion just as good if not better than CD – 1  Breathless. Track 3, Let Me Love You with Kim Sanders is your perfect vocal chill out track. This is something I would throw onto a mix featuring tracks from Sunlounger or Ruben Halsey. Let me Love You is simply an amazing track that would surely find its self on repeat on your iPod. Other great tracks are Tired featuring none other than Jael, the beautiful voice behind Delirium’s track After All. Track 12 – Breathless is by far the best track on CD2. It is upbeat, chill out, progressive, dance, and pop all in one, truly a combination of a number of EDM styles put together to great magic. This track is perfect for chilling out and even perfect for dropping at a club, something not typical for chill out.

The final verdict is that Schiller has produced another essential album. The vocal tracks alone are a good enough reason to pick up this album. I myself will probably listen to this album for quite some time (I’ve been listening to Breathe for months). On the flipside, this album is not for the faint hearted. Some EDM lovers who are not so big into chill might be turned away from this album. But, if they really give it an in depth listen I’m sure there is something on this album that they would love, Sommernacht I guarantee would be a mind changer.

For more of Schiller, check out ATB – Let You Go (Schiller Remix) – it’s one of my favorites.

The album is out now on OK Good Records. To purchase and preview this album head on over to the link below:

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