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SoFishFly is a website was initially created to be a full range music blog, but has limited itself mostly to electronic dance music. They operate with the belief people need music in their lives.  SoFishFly believes that music is truly one of the universal beauties and clear forms of communication in this world.

SoFishFly wanted to make sure their audience is familiar with Schiller, ” Das German: Introducing Schiller”

Das German: Introducing Schiller

by jurisdoc on February 9, 2011

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Good Afternoon SFF followers. Today I introduce Schiller, a project of German musician and composer Christopher von Deylen. I will let Wikipedia do the talking for now on:

Schiller was founded by Christopher von Deylen and Mirko von Schlieffen in 1998, signaled with the release of their first single Glockenspiel. They followed up with the release of their first album, Zeitgeist (Time Spirit) in 1999. Schiller’s second studio album Weltreise (Voyage) was inspired by a two-month-long road trip that Deylen took with his father from London to Peking.

Basically, this guy is a popular dance artist who has transcended different genres of electronic music. His music has won various awards and he is a hit in Europe. Without further adieu:

You can purchase Breathless here:

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