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Drop Beats Not Bombs is a new music community based in Orange County, California.  The site contains reviews, interviews, lyrics, DJ Charts,  and new releases. The genres included are RnB, Hip-Hop, and wide variety of Electronic genres. Check out their new promotional feature of Schiller’s Breathless.

“Yesterday morning we woke up to a pleasant surprise in our inbox to some pleasing and elegant soundscapes often referred to as “Schill-Out”. “

Schiller wants you to “Shill-Out” Or Get Out!

We love bringing you the latest and greatest song releases and exclusives, or at least we try to. Yesterday morning we woke up to a pleasant surprise in our inbox to some pleasing and elegant soundscapes often referred to as “Schill-Out”. Have you heard these ten words before?

“My name is Christopher von Deylen – and I am Schiller.”

Christopher von Deylen, who goes by the alias Schiller, drops these ten words every time he’s on stage performing. Needless to say, the crowd always goes wild. Schiller has been around the scene for quite some time now. Since 1998, he’s achieved a lot of success releasing 6 albums with a platinum (Desire) under his belt, winning the prestigious Echo award and OPUS award, selling millions of albums, and performing in front of sold-out crowds. He is currently represented by and under the label, OK!GoodRecords. This musician, composer, and producer brings a unique blend of chilled out electronic pop to the table.

Check out all 32 tracks from Schiller’s Breathless album!

“Inspired by electronic classics like Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre, von Deylen is known for creating visionary sounds that are way ahead of their time. As described by musician/composer Mike Oldfield, “[He creates] music that moves one really deep inside.” Based on the reception von Deylen’s compositions have gotten so far, Schiller’s acclaim will surely continue to rise.”

Schiller’s newest album, Breathless, should literally take your breath away. He collaborated with many well-known artists such as Colbie Caillat, Sarah Brightman, Lang Lang, Nadia Ali, Lenka, and more! His ambient and trance like sound will take you to a dreamworld.

You can purchase Breathless here:

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