Ascribe Magazine calls Janet Devlin’s single, “Honest Men”, chilling

Janet Devlin’s single, “Honest Men” receives rave reviews from digital music publication Ascribe Magazine

Irish songstress, Janet Devlin, has re-entered the musical landscape with her third single, “Honest Men” from her upcoming sophomore album, Confessional, which is due for release on June 5, 2020 alongside her autobiography, “My Confessional”.

The sobering anti-ballad has received praise from fans and critics alike including Nikki Cronauer of digital music publication, Ascribe Magazine.

“Honest Men” was Cronauer’s introduction to Janet, and she admits she “wasn’t sure what to expect,” but says, “If I had to sum of my first experience in one word it would simply be: ‘chills.’”

She goes on to describe the single by saying,

“’Honest Men’ is a beautiful song, and Devlin does an amazing job of delivering raw emotion in her lyrics and her vocals. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also relatable.”

Read the full review of “Honest Men” on Ascribe Magazine here.

Listen to “Honest Men” on Ascribe Magazine’s Weekly Bops Playlist

The single was accompanied by an abstract and symbolic music video, directed by Katia Ganfeld and shot by The Wood Brothers (Ivan and Timothy Wood), that uses religious, historic, and cinematic imagery to convey the feeling of being used for other people’s needs and desires.

“Honest Men” is the third single released from Janet’s highly anticipated sophomore album, Confessional, alongside singles “Saint of the Sinners” and the title track, “Confessional”, which have set the stage for what’s to come. Confessional is now available for digital pre-order on SpotifyAmazonApple MusicGoogle Play, and iTunes, and is set for release on June 5, 2020, alongside her autobiographical book, My Confessional.

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