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Engelbert Humperdinck Gives Exclusive Interview with Goldmine on His Latest Releases

Engelbert Humperdinck Reveals the Inspiration and Message Behind “The Man I Want to Be” and “Warmest Christmas Wishes” in Interview with Goldmineengelbert humperdinck goldmine interview

Goldmine, a music review platform offering podcasts, magazines, and blogs, gives an in depth look at Engelbert Humperdinck’s two latest releases; “The Man I Want to Be” and “Warmest Christmas Wishes.” With over 50 years in the business, Engelbert has achieved success and longevity that few have been able to duplicate.

These two releases serve as proof of that success as he continues to stay relevant and provide fans with music that they love. Goldmine shares in this appreciation with their praise of both albums and willingness to explore the details behind each. Engelbert goes on to tell of an unlikely meeting between himself and a young Bruno Mars, his collaboration with singer songwriter Jon Allen, and his appreciation for industry mainstays like Willie Nelson and Bing Crosby.

EH: Last year we talked about Elvis with his recording of my “Release Me” and my recording of his “Love Me Tender.” Well, there is a Bruno Mars and Elvis story too. Decades ago, I was in Hawaii and my fan club president set up a special night where a 5 year old boy performed Elvis songs, dressed like a little Elvis. It was Bruno Mars. Even at 5 he had amazing energy and was a great young showman.

Goldmine later discusses “Warmest Christmas Wishes,” Engelbert’s vision for the album, and its potential to be an instant classic, hitting number 13 on Billboard’s Top Holiday Album Chart in the first week of its release. Along with some ear catching new material, the album provides us with delightful renditions of holiday standards like “Silent Night” and “White Christmas.”

GM: There is the imagery of “Driving Home for Christmas,” bringing a cozy feeling like Perry Como’s “Home for the Holidays.”

EH: I love it. You see people driving to their holiday destinations, tapping on the steering wheel, and I wonder what they are listening to. Is it the same song playing in my car?

Goldmine’s magazine and internet presence are highly regarded among music industry professionals and fans alike. Their appreciation for Engelbert Humperdinck acts as yet another testament to his continued success and ability to garner to respect of his peers and critics.

The full interview can be read here.

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“The Man I Want to Be” and “Warmest Christmas Wishes” are available to stream or purchase from any of these digital music platforms:

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