12 Days of Humperdinck – Day 7 “I’m Glad I Danced With You”

“I’m Glad I Danced With You”

“This ones kind of tied up with the family “I’m Glad I Danced With You”. It’s a duet, and it’s the only duet on the album. It’s with a little girl, she’s 9 years old and happens to be my granddaughter. She sings like you cannot believe. The song was written by Tony Toliver her father, her mum wrote the lyrics my who is daughter Louise. We sang the duet tougher in the studio together and she did an amazing job. I hope you like this wonderful rendition from a lovey 9 year old little girl. You know what she is going places, like I said Bruno you’re going to be a big star and so is she.”


“The lyrical content of this song is very wonderful because it’s a tribute to my wife. Again because of her condition she can’t sing the song, so my granddaughter is her silent voice there. If anything I’ve played it to her, and when she listens to it she puts a smile on her face. Somehow she seems to understand the words and that’s wonderful. If anything can help we try to give it to her, if something helps let them hear it. It’s a wonderful piece of music and my granddaughter does a wonderful job representing my wife in the song. I don’t know, it brings tears to my eyes.”


Engelbert Humperdink (with grandaughter)at Drury Lane191117MM26.jpg


Engelbert Humperdink (with grandaughter)at Drury Lane191117MM22.jpg


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