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Engelbert Humperdinck Has “a Glimmer of Hope” in Express UK Interview

Legendary performer and OK!Good Records artist Engelbert Humperdinck recently sat down with UK publication Express for an interview, talking in length about his quest to find a cure for his wife’s Alzheimer’s and his new album, The Man I Want to Be out now.

Engelbert’s newest album The Man I Want to Be is his love letter to his wife Patricia, who has been living with Alzheimer’s for seven years. When not on the road, Engelbert devotes his time to caring for Patricia and taking her to see the doctor. Though touring takes him away from her for periods of time, he continues to perform for his adoring fans- not solely because of his love for performing, but so that he can provide for her and her treatments.

As Engelbert lovingly shares in his interview, there is nothing more rewarding than when Patricia makes progress in her treatments:

“The glimmer of hope is that at night I say to her ‘Good night my darling and God bless you’ and sometimes she’ll repeat the words I say, which is remarkable. This never happened before.”

Not only does Engelbert remain positive for his wife in the hope that she will get better, but he is certain that a cure for Alzheimer’s exists:

“I’m absolutely sure there is a cure out there but I think the pharmaceutical companies are holding it back. I just wish they would bring it out and stop all this suffering.

Read Engelbert Humperdinck’s interview with Express in full here

The Man I Want To Be is available now on OK!Good Records. You can order the CD along with a limited edition Signed Copies and Bundles in the OK!Good Records Shop. The album is also available on AmazoniTunesSpotifyGoogle PlayBarnes & Noble and at music retailers worldwide.

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