Weapons of Anew Debut Album Available Friday, November 3rd

Following its digital release in September, Weapons of Anew’s album ‘The Collision of Love and Hate’ will be available in music retailers across the nation on Friday, November 3rd via OK!Good Records.

Since their debut as a band in 2016, the quintet has secured endorsements with ESP, Bogner and Saluda cymbals. They have two North American tours under their belt, including their most recent North American tour in September with a long-time musical influence, Tesla.  When playing shows to new faces, Weapons of Anew are always ready to deliver their best performance and win new fans over.

“Playing Rock is a privilege that I don’t take for granted,” says West. “Performing live to an audience is very powerful and humbling at the same time. Fans at our shows can expect the high energy, emotionally charged assault, we have always delivered.” Ordine adds, “A total assault on their senses, full on every night.”

To give fans an inside look at the life of a touring rock band, Weapons of Anew recently started a new YouTube series sharing footage from recording ‘The Collision of Love and Hate’ as well as their tour with Tesla. Watch their new video series on their YouTube channel here.

Weapon of Anew’s debut album ‘The Collision of Love and Hate’ will be available physically at music retailers nationwide Friday, November 3rd. ‘The Collision of Love and Hate’ is currently available digitally on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. The album is also available on all major streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.

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