The Most Expensive Vinyl Records on the Market

Do you have old records laying around collecting dust? They might be more valuable than you think! A new study from McGamez found the most expensive vinyl record prices on the market today based on what they sold for at auction. Here are the top 5 most expensive vinyl records and what they’re currently going for:

#5: Paul McCartney‘s “Ram” 12″ released in 1971. Priced at $5,048.84


#4: Gioconda De Vito/ Rafael Kubelik‘s “Bach / Mozart: Violin Concertos” 12″. Priced at $6,148.77


#3:  The Beatles‘ “Introducing…The Beatles” released in 1964. Priced at $7,573.27


#2: The Beatles‘ “Please Please Me” released in 1963. Priced at $8,232.00


Coming in at #1: Sex Pistols‘ “God Save The Queen” 7″ released  in 1977. Priced at $10,578.00. Did you know that 25,00 copies were made, and were nearly all destroyed. 9 remain with the A&M Records sleeve.


Find the full list of the top 25 most expensive vinyl records on the market:

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