Carly Jamison’s “Keeping Christmas” Featured on Lie In The Sound

New York based singer-songwriter Carly Jamison is spreading some holiday cheer with her new single “Keeping Christmas.” The single has been featured on German music blog Lie In The Sound. “Keeping Christmas” is a fun, energetic, and vintage inspired holiday toe-tapper that somehow manages to boost your mood while at the same time addressing the topic of Holiday Blues. Check out the Lie In The Sound review of the single below:

Today, we recommend danceable Pop Rock with a Country touch, intended to raise the spirits of those who caught a bad case of the Holiday Blues. Holidays of course always seem to test the limits of personal pain thresholds. Just think of all the company parties, where you find people making nice who are otherwise uncomfortable to be around the rest of the year. Remind yourself of the craziness encountered in shopping malls, the battle for bargains to which stores provide a soundtrack of almost cynical Christmassy elevator music .  Remember all the presents received, which you have never found any use for in your life. The holiday of Holidays clearly provides sufficient reasons to fall into a deep depression.

All of this US Singer Songwriter Carly Jamison counters with “Keeping Christmas”, an appeal to not succumb to the misery. The chorus „You know the bells will be ringing, carolers singing, ain’t no cold dark silent night./ We got the fireplaces burning and turntables turning and a mood merry and bright./ As we gather together in our ugly sweaters eating cakes, candies, and pies,/ We’re keeping Christmas spirits high, keeping our Christmas spirits high.“ shows the conviction, that Christmas can be a success, if you believe in it strongly and don’t suspect misgivings and anguish behind all its customs and traditions. Carly Jamison promises, that even the saddest people will find it  impossible to listen to this song and not feel at least a little better. I for one don’t belong to the group of people who find Christmas terrible, but I can very well imagine, that this swinging track has the potential to serve as the antidote to all the Jingle Bells Ringading (overkill) . Anyone recognizing some of the described Christmas wear and tear, should not hesitate to get lifted by Keeping Christmas.

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You can purchase Carly Jamison’s new single “Keeping Christmas” on Amazon, Bandcamp, and iTunes. Stream the single on SoundCloud and Spotify.
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