Carly Jamison Named ‘Christmas Star of the Day’ on Doug Stephan’s Good Day

New York rocker Carly Jamison has been featured as ‘Christmas Star of the Day‘ on Doug Stephan’s Good Day Radio Show. Jamison shared her new Christmas single “Christmas May Have To Be Postponed” on the show this morning.  Click HERE to listen to the full interivew. Be sure to head over to for more!

Carly started her music career making very minimal and simple one track recordings, and then posting them anonymously online. The response was positive so she continued to do that. Over time, a little fan base developed and several internet radio stations even began playing these homemade recordings.
One day she was contacted by a producer from the Nashville area who was interested in doing a full studio album with her. She turned him down because she had no intention of doing anything but writing the songs. Then about a year later, she happened to open her email inbox and saw a message from this same producer that she hadn’t heard from in about a year or more. He said that he was still interested in doing a project with her. She liked his persistence, and the timing was right, so this time, she said yes.

Take a listen to “Christmas May Have To Be Postponed” below:

“Christmas May Have To Be Postponed” is available for digital download on online stores such as iTunes, and Bandcamp, and available for streaming across all streaming platforms including Spotify, YouTube, and Soundcloud.

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