A Bit of Pop Music Reviews Jon Allen’s Songbird Session Performance

Singer-songwriter Jon Allen performed in Amsterdam as a part of the Songbird Sessions. The annual Songbird Sessions is a weekend full of performances from talented singer-songwriters including Jon Allen, Rae Morris, Andreas Moe, and Roo Panes. A Bit of Pop Music was at the event on April 22nd and gave a great review of the entire night.

Jon Allen was the second performer of the night. Here is what A Bit of Pop Music had to say about Jon’s performance:

 British folk rock singer-songwriter, Jon Allen just released a new album called Deep River from which he played quite a few tunes, for example the beautiful ‘Day and Night’ and ‘Lady of the Water’. With ‘In Your Light’ and ‘Happy Now’ from his first record he managed to get the crowd singing along. Allen played guitar throughout his whole performance and for some songs he was joined by a pianist, who added some swing to a rendition ‘Dead Man’s Suit’. He charmed the audience with a simple but effective performance.

You can catch Jon Allen on tour this month in the Netherlands, Ireland, and United Kingdom. Be sure to visit his website for more information about tour and where to purchase tickets. Click HERE to read the full album review from A Bit of Pop Music.

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