Janet Devlin’s Exclusive Interview With Cryptic Rock

Singer-songwriter Janet Devlin recently sat down with Cryptic Rock for an exclusive interview. Janet spoke with Cryptic Rock about her debut album Running With Scissors, her songwriting approach, plans for the future, and much more. You can read some of the interview below, make sure to visit CrypticRock.com to read the full interview.

CrypticRock.com – Your debut album Running With Scissors was recently released in June of 2014 in the UK and in North America on February 10th. The record ranked 1 on the UK Indie charts. What was the writing and recording process like for you on this album?

Janet Devlin – It was weird because I made an album and I did not like it, so I binned it. I made Running With Scissors in six weeks. It was very intense, but so worth it. Obviously I lived with these songs for so long, I took some of the old songs from the old record. The six weeks was intense focus and it brought the whole album back to life for me. There is one story I remember from the studio was with the song called “Things Lost in the Fire.” It is one of those emotional breakup songs I had written about my ex. It made me imagine my ex-boyfriend was actually there in the recording booth and I had to sing this song to him. A lot of what is in that song are things I actually never even told him. I learned that singing whenever you are about to cry is actually really difficult.

If you have ever wondered what Janet’s songwriting process is like? Here is what she says to say about her songwriting process. I carry around these leather-bound journals; they look like something out of Harry Potter to be honest (laughs). I write my life in them. I write my life in poetry form a lot of the time. I will just come to a songwriting session with these books, which are completely filled with poems. I will get someone to play me a couple of riffs, if something makes me feel something, I will say, “That reminds me of poem I have in my book.” That means the lyrics and the music will already marry together. I sit there and work on good melody, good structure, and boom a song is born.”

CrypticRock.com – You recently performed some dates in your homeland in 2014. Are there any plans for touring in North America in the future?

Janet Devlin – Yes, I am working on getting my working visa to come over to the USA and possibly do some tours. It would be an absolute dream come true.

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To read the full interview from Cryptic Rock click Here

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