Engelbert Humperdinck and Gene Simmons Compare Tongues

Engelbert Humperdinck on Page Six & GeneSimmons.comEngelbert Humperdinck was featured on KISS legend Gene Simmons’ website yesterday for comparing tongues with tongue acro-bat. Originally posted by PAGESIX.COM, the article talks about how Engelbert Humperdinck and Gene Simmons joked about tongues while posing for pictures with one another.

“While Engelbert and I were posing for photos, we made jokes. The usual stuff guys do. Some [were] inappropriate for younger ears, so I’m not sharing . . . He was curious if my tongue was as long as he had heard. And I offered that I would normally stick my tongue out, but noticed the floor wasn’t all that clean.” – Gene Simmons

Humperdinck and Simmons compared their tongue-talents while recording their duet, “Spinning Wheel, a Blood Sweat and Tears original, featured on Humperdinck’s new duets album Engelbert Calling. Simmons is just one of the many musical legends featured on Engelbert’s new album which was released September 30th, 2014 on OK!Good Records.

Read the full article on GeneSimmons.com.

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