Dovetail East Coast Tour

Dovetail Hits the East Coast for Musikfest 2014

Dovetail East Coast Tour

Dovetail will be hitting the road for the East Coast today as they make their way from Dallas, Texas to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for Musikfest 2014.  The 10-day celebration of music, food and the arts features a huge lineup this year including greats like Weezer, Keith Urban, Sheryl Crow,  ZZ Top, Steely Dan and more.

Dovetail will be kicking things off for The Avett Brothers on Thursday, August 7th with their 4PM set on the Town Square Stage. For more information and tickets to Musikfest 2014 Click Here.

On their way to Musikfest Dovetail will also be stopping in Chapel Hill, North Carolina for a show Local 506. They’ll be playing with Quincy Mumford and the Reason Why, and Matt Irie on Wednesday, August 8th at 10PM. For more information and tickets Click Here.

Follow Dovetail’s adventures on the road on Twitter & Instagram: @dovetailtheband.

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