Donots Played Their First US Show At Whisky A Go Go!

The Donots’ US tour is official a go (go). The band played their first US show at the famous Whisky A Go Go on Saturday night, and judging by their latest blog post, had a blast. You can read their newest blog entry below, and check out the rest of their blog here.

“So, umm, yeah… Judging from the hangover and the overall level of destruction this morning it’s safe to say last night has been fun for sure!
Played our first show on West Coast turf at the infamous Whisky A Go Go Club and had a blast. Great club, great people and some great dancing antics! Our 30 minute set went by way too quickly and we can’t wait for the Fullerton Show with Nations Afire, Sederra and Vittu coming up on Wednesday. Oh yeah, went to the Rainbow Bar afterwards but didn’t get to see Lemmy unfortunately. The great pizza at that place helped us get over it, though… Should have taken pictures from the people walking in and out. Making hair metal a threat again!


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