Check Out OK!Good Spotify playlists and The New Spotify Buttons

Spotify playlists are becoming all the rage these days. They’re kind of like the modern day version of the mix tape, except they’re easier to compile and share. This past week, Spotify came out with their new music button, which we think is going to catapult the popularity of their playlists sky high. The new button allows you to embed playlists right into your website. The only draw back is that if you don’t already have the Spotify program on your computer, you’ll have to download it and launch it before you can hit play on a Spotify button. This will likely become less of an issue as the program becomes more ubiquitous.

So we’re excited to try this out on our blog for the first time. Here’s a button for our latest Spotify playlist: Bands Named After Food – Hungry? Here’s a whole playlist full of bands who’s names are themed around food. Feed your ears.

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You can check out our other playlists on Spotify by going the OK!Good Records Spotify Profile or by checking us out on If you want to suggest music for our next playlist, feel free to send it to our Spotify inbox.

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