Aerial Noise Artist Review of Schiller and Breathless

Aerial Noise covered Schiller and his newest release Breathless. Not only do they review the album, the article is an invigorating and refreshing review of everything he has accomplished thus far. For the complete article, follow the link

The man known as SCHILLER.

Good things come to those who wait, but in some cases, wonderful things happen when you least expect them to. Inspired by the actual birth name of one of Germany’s most famous poets in Friedrich Schiller, the initial production partnership of Mirko von Schlieffen and Christopher von Deylen gave birth to some timeless and most memorable dance floor wonders in the shape of ‘Das Glockenspiel’ throughout 1998 to 2000, and ‘Ruhe’ between 1999 and 2000.

Wonderful remixes from those two tracks in question in no doubt helped DJ Tiësto, Humate, Tom Middleton, Trisco and Sumsonic onto Ministry of Sound’s Data Records path of production-greatness and remix-folklore. But alongside the numerous-own Schiller projects and fertile promotion that these two men worked through, this duo always found time to maintain the attention of Zeitgeist/Island Records who in turn released their debut LP entitled “Zeitgiest.”

The “Weltreise” (Voyage) LP soon followed in 2001 and then the “Leben” (Life) LP in 2003. Somewhere between then, Christopher and Mirko experienced the age old hurdle of creative & artistic differences. And despite being really unfortunate to iron out those divergences naturally, Mirko decided to depart and Christopher picked up the ball to continue in the world we now as Schiller come today.

Without alienating music fans in the mother-language in which Schiller’s LP’s have been published, the continuation of releasing the album’s title’s and track names in German and then into English, remains a constant revealing flow. Throughout the whole of the Noughties, in conjunction with Christopher’s own stadium-like-inner-drive, the Echo & OPUS music awards closely preceded and his collaborations with all several, outstanding female artists soon following in suite.

Thirteen studio-based and concept-branded albums have followed since 2003 (with two more following in 2010 & 2011). But before then, we land on gently towards the 14th Schiller album (or 6th depending on who you talk to), which exuberates monumental, perfect ambience, of the very same entitled name.

The “Breathless” LP has an ongoing heartiness to it which makes the worldly feelings of sluggishness and exhaustion absolutely redundant. After spending a month on the oceanographic research ship known as the Polarstern in Germany, a nineteen track voyage of tender and infinite-whisked melodies were inspired onto the hills of the Schiller fortress once again. The pearls of aural wisdom in which these gates were opened to were among the Princesses and Prince’s known as Lenka, Nadia Ali, Midge Ure (lead man of Ultravox), Mia Bergstrom, Anggun and many more to add to favour.

Within their strength also, they helped glide, traverse and energise “Breathless” into a universe of unmitigated tranquilly and abundant, idyllic peacefulness. Together with “Breathless” (also known as Atemlos) featuring a quintessential number in the form of the song called ‘Try,’ the United States version of this album will be accompanied with the “Sehnsucht” (Desire) LP which originally came out in 2008.

Re-releasing the dazzling reminder of the single called ‘Breathe’ with vocalist September (and further exhibits from Despina Vandi, Kim Sanders, Xavier Naidoo and Jette Von Roth), “Desire” in its equal self retains a crisp bodied finish with an outlook on all things ambient and unanimously spirited.

The roads in which have been made and laid down for Schiller to continue on have not been sought after without a reflection to the past and an identical eye on the future, so with the enthused knowledge of Kraftwerk, Jean-Michel Jarre, and Tangerine Dream to contemplate over, Mike Oldfield fans alike are in no doubt to be content and humbled by that mystical and heart penetrating sound that moves and captures us all from Christopher “Schiller.”

Bookmarking the calendar for his epic nineteen date tour in December later on this year, will indeed hypnotize and spell bound all sorts of fraternities from chill out to trance to ambient to Balearic and back again. So in the words of a true composer, musician and producer.. “My Name Is Christopher Von Deylen… and I am Schiller.”

Long may his vision live on.

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