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Check out their review of Schiller’s newest album Breathless!


Welcome to the world of Schiller. Schiller is the electronic project of Christopher von Deylen. Since 1998, Schiller has released 6 chart topping albums and sold over 1,000,000 copies in Europe. He has also won various awards including the Echo award and OPUS award.

Known for his brand of chilled-out electronic pop, Schiller creates soundscapes sometimes referred to as “Schill-out,” which are aided by his use of..

diverse featured guest artists, mostly on vocals. He has collaborated with the likes of Sarah Brightman, Tarja Turenen (former frontwoman of Nightwish), Sinead O’ Connor, Moya Brennan (of Clannad), and many others.

The albums crafted therefore can best be described as “Global Pop.” Schiller’s list of accomplishments doesn’t stop at his albums, he is also known for his intricate live shows. A brilliant demonstration of lights and sounds, his live performances have sold out all over Europe. He has even shared the stage with electro-pop pioneers Depeche Mode which helped to underscore his success and international appeal.

In 2010, the US was invited to journey into the world of Schiller again with his 6th album, Breathless. Breathless was inspired by a month long voyage aboard the research vessel, Polarstern. A darker, heavier sound is the end result of this journey. Schiller has once again enlisted the help of international vocalists including Midge Ure (frontman of Ultravox), Lenka, and Kate Havnevik, Anggun, and many others.

The ever changing styles of electronic music ranging from chill-out to trance to ambient to straight up dance spans across 19 tracks. As an added bonus, the US version will also come packaged with Schiller’s 5th studio album Desire. Desire (entitled Sehnsucht in Germany) went on to achieve platinum status and featured guest apperances from Colbie Caillat, Chinese pianist Lang Lang, Swedish dance singer September, and others. Breathless (entitled Atemlos in Germany), has reached number 2 on the German album charts and Schiller has embarked on another of his biannual tours, selling out arenas in 16 major cities.


Since his 1998 release ‘Das Glockenspiel’ captured the attention of the new progressive house generation, Schiller has remained firmly in the forefront of cutting edge EDM design and performance.

Sturdily constructed and with the presence of an epic film score, his latest album has all the qualities you would expect to come from a multifacted, genre bridging producer. Genuinely entrancing and telling a story of consequence and curiosity, ‘Breathless’ captures the essence of diverse musical artistry.

Mixing manifold vocal talents, instrumental and electro elements and influences from the Far East, India and tribal sounds with a heavy sprinkling of honest 80′s zeitgeist. Austerity and contemplation are the inventive forte of this release, we highly recommend a listen!!

Our Pick of the Albums Tracks

‘Try’ – Sultry vocal energy of Nadia Ali peppered with 80′s synths and circuitous, moody vibrations.

‘I Will Follow You’ with Henree – Amazing vocals. Memorable for it’s simplicity and sublime 80′s beat.

‘Himmelblau’ –  Gentle chimes balanced perfectly against serious synth and intricate drum arrangements.

‘Always You’ with Anggun – Solemn, feathery vocals, sweet piano melody and reverberating, heaving drums

‘You’ with Colbie Caillat –  Colbie Caillat’s vocals carry a steady reverie of  heartbeat drums and emotional lyrics with reflective results.

‘Breathe’ with September – Probably the most commercial dance track on the album and essentially beautiful. A stand-out fusion of delicate instrumental melody and heady vocals.

‘Try’ feat. Nadia Ali and ‘Breathe’ feat. September” will be re-released shortly on Beatport with dance remixes.”

Purchase Breathless here: http://okgoodrecords.com/blog/2011/01/05/schiller-breathless/

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