• Hafdís Huld

    Ever since she was a young girl, Hafdis Huld has enjoyed performing for anyone who was willing to watch. She started out putting on small circuses in her neighbor’s garage and then quickly moved on to performing with one of Iceland’s biggest performance collectives, Gus Gus. She remained with the[…]

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  • Donots

    Donots are friends and brothers – not only in spirit, but in reality. Though lead singer Ingo and guitarist Guido are the only blood brothers in the band, together with guitarist Alex, bassist JD, and drummer Eike, they make up the Donots family. Founded in 1993, Donots have made a[…]

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  • Schiller - Breathless

    Schiller – Breathless

    Welcome to the world of Schiller. Schiller is the electronic project of Christopher von Deylen. Since 1998, Schiller has released 6 chart topping albums and sold over 1,000,000 copies in Europe. Schiller has also won various awards including the Echo award and OPUS award. Known for his brand of chilled-out[…]

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  • The Windupdeads - Army Of Invisible Men

    The Windupdeads – Army Of Invisible Men

    Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, The Windupdeads are a band that was created out of the dissolution of Froid, consisting of Rickard Olsen (vocals), Jonas Westholm (bass), Marcus Von Boisman (guitar/backing vocals), and Fredrick Karlberg (drums). Formed in 2007, they had quick success when their single Reverse of Shade was featured[…]

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  • Donots - The Long Way Home

    Donots – The Long Way Home

    Donots are Ingo Knollmann, Guido Knollmann, Jan Dirk Poggemann, Eike Herwig, and Alex Siedenbiedel. Founded in 1993, the band has made a name for themselves as one of the top punk bands not only in Germany, but throughout Europe. Well-respected in the international punk community, Donots were invited by Green[…]

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  • Hafdis Huld - Synchronised Swimmers

    Hafdís Huld – Synchronised Swimmers

    Singer-songwriter Hafdís Huld was born in Reykjavik, Iceland and now divides her time between the UK and Iceland. From the age of 15 she sang and toured the world with iconic Icelandic collective Gus Gus. When they weren’t touring, Hafdis took time out to star in several Icelandic films. Synchronised[…]

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  • chromatic BLaCK - chromatic BLaCK

    chromatic BLaCK – chromatic BLaCK

    Mix all fundamental colors together and you get black – colorful black – chromatic BLaCK. Diversity, creativity, and an open minded spirit makes life more chromatic, more intense, and that’s exactly how chromatic BLaCK like their music. Experienced best at one of their sweaty, excessive, and often out of control[…]

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