• chromatic BLaCK – 1,2,3,8 (Single)

    chromatic BLaCK – 1,2,3,8 Single

    1,2,3,8 is a taste of new music from chromatic BLaCK following their 2010 self-titled debut. 1,2,3,8 finds the band experimenting with new sounds that fuse together post-punk and garage bands stylings akin to that of The Stokes and other garage rock acts. Track Listing 01. 1,2,3,8 Download MP3 ($0.99) [Audio[…]

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  • Donots - Wake The Dogs

    Donots – Wake The Dogs

    Donots are Ingo Donot, Guido Donot, J.D. Donot, Eike Donot and Alex Donot. Founded in 1993, the band has made a name for themselves as one of the top punk bands not only in Germany, but throughout Europe. Well respected in the international punk community, Donots were invited by Green[…]

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  • Jon Allen – Sweet Defeat

    British troubadour Jon Allen found success early on when his song “Going Home” was featured in a 2008 UK advertisement for Land Rover. With the song a commercial success via tens of thousands of downloads, Allen’s critical acclaim continued to grow in England with rave reviews, an appearance on Later[…]

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  • Schiller – Timeline

    “My name is Christopher von Deylen – and I am Schiller.” At some point during every Schiller concert, von Deylen speaks these ten words and the crowd goes wild. With over 650,000 albums sold since 1998 (and counting) and multiple sold out live tours, Schiller’s worldwide acclaim continues to grow.[…]

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  • The Trip – The Trip

    What happens when you add 1 part Canadian and 1 part Australian? Nobody knows, but this little experiment will go on. After spending lots of time down in Australia, The Trip have decided to make North America our home. Spending time in between their beloved Canada and Los Angeles, The[…]

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  • Sparkadia - The Great Impression

    Sparkadia – The Great Impression

    The Great Impression is the 12 track USA debut album from Australian indie pop-rockers Sparkadia. Front man and founding member Alex Burnett shows great skill in his songwriting, seamlessly melding 80s style synth lines and sprawling, anthemic choruses with evocative lyrics to form a record that is heartbreaking and uplifting[…]

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  • OK!Good CD Sampler Volume 1

    OK!Good Records is an independent record label that was founded as an outlet for quirky, left field, unconventional and evocative music. OK!Good’s mission is to pluck talented artists from all corners of the global landscape and present them to an unsuspecting public. We’d like to share some of our current[…]

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  • Schiller - Breathless

    Schiller – Breathless

    Welcome to the world of Schiller. Schiller is the electronic project of Christopher von Deylen. Since 1998, Schiller has released 6 chart topping albums and sold over 1,000,000 copies in Europe. Schiller has also won various awards including the Echo award and OPUS award. Known for his brand of chilled-out[…]

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