Janet Devlin Speaks to The Prelude Press about her upcoming album, Confessional

Read about Janet Devlin’s upcoming album, Confessional, and her upcoming book in her recent interview with The Prelude Press

Irish songstress Janet Devlin has returned to the music scene with a bang, releasing three new singles and accompanying music videos in four months from her upcoming, highly-anticipated sophomore album, Confessional. She spoke to The Prelude Press about her latest single, Honest Men, her upcoming album Confessional, and her accompanying book, My Confessional.

Janet told The Prelude Press about the evolution and growth she’s experienced since the release of her first album, Running With Scissors, saying,

“I’ve definitely matured a lot in the last six years – both musically and personally. I feel like I really found my sound with this album. I don’t think I would’ve been confident enough to try fusing Celtic sounds with pop six years ago. I’m also really glad that I’ve waited, as I’ve done so much personal growth in these past years – so I’ve never felt more ready and supported to put out an honest album such as this.”

She admitted that because the album is extremely personal, and deals with specific situations and people in her life, she had to be careful about how she wrote each song. In addition to these deeply personal situations, she wanted the songs to “remain relatable” so that “you can enjoy it if you don’t know what it’s about BUT when you know the real meanings of the songs, it all makes sense.”

When asked about her goals for Confessional, Janet said, “I just wanted to be honest. Actually truly, bluntly, honest.” However, she found that some of the stories she wanted to tell couldn’t be told to their fullest extent in a song, prompting Janet to write a book in order to fully elaborate on her experiences.

“The book unlocks the tracks – it has the literal meanings of the songs in there and anecdotes to explain it all. The book is where the blatant honesty is.”

You can read Janet’s full interview with The Prelude Press here.

Watch Janet Devlin’s Official Music Video for “Honest Men”

Janet Devlin’s sobering anti-ballad, “Honest Men” was released on January 10th on OK!Good Records and is available to stream and download everywhere you listen to music. The record is her third single from her upcoming concept album, “Confessional”, following the 2019 releases, “Confessional”, and “Saint of the Sinners”. These singles set the stage and narratively introduce the themes that will be explored in the album and accompanying book, which are set for release in the spring of 2020.

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