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Digital Journal Talks ‘Warmest Christmas Wishes’ with Engelbert Humperdinck

Digital Journal recently spoke with Engelbert Humperdinck about his brand new Christmas album, his touring schedule and more

Digital Journal sat down with Engelbert Humperdinck to talk about his brand new Christmas album Warmest Christmas Wishes and ‘The Man I Want to Be’ Tour.  Warmest Christmas Wishes, Engelbert Humperdinck’s first Christmas album in nearly forty years, was released this past Friday, October 12th on OK!Good Records.

engelbert humperdinck digital journal interview warmest christmas wishes the man i want to be

As a family man himself, Engelbert set out to ensure that his first Christmas album in decades brought holiday cheer to his fans and their families:

“After 40 years of silence on the Christmas albums, I thought it was about time to do another Christmas album. We endeavored to do a new one, and this one is a very family-oriented album that incorporates family very well, and it includes a few brand new songs.”

Since the publication centers around the tech industry and current trends, Digital Journal asked Engelbert for his view on how new media has revolutionized the music industry:

“People who are beginning in this business these days have great starts. If you get an audition on The Voice or America’s Got Talent, and you are seen by millions at the beginning of your life and that is an incredible thing. When I first started you had to go around and promote yourself in little places across the country. You didn’t have the big media to get you in front of millions of people at once. It’s good for young people.”

Read the interview in full at Digital Journal here

This past weekend, ‘The Man I Want to Be Tour’ kicked off in Englewood, NJ on Friday, October 12th.  Find out if the tour will be making a stop near you:


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Digital and physical copies of Warmest Christmas Wishes are now available via OK!Good Records:
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