Wonderlust - 10 Travel Questions with Engelbert Humperdinck

Wonderlust’s “10 Travel Questions with Engelbert Humperdinck”

With a music career now spanning over 50 years, it’s safe to say that Engelbert Humperdinck has seen his fair share of the world from his life on the road. Travel publication, Wonderlust recently sat down with the legendary singer for an exclusive interview entitled, ’10 Travel Questions with Engelbert Humperdinck.’

In the interview, Humperdinck shares some of his favorite places to visit around the globe, his travel essentials, and some amazing stories from his life as a touring musician.

One tour-adventure in particular has Humperdinck detailing a trip to Venezuela where he somehow ended up in prison. “I guess that somewhere between the dark large sunglasses and the leather pants and the long hair and that transatlantic accent, it was assumed that I was guilty of something,” states Humperdinck. After having all charges dropped within a few hours, Engelbert stated, “the limo drive back to the airport was like a scene out of a Bond or Jason Bourne movie. Paparazzi in high-speed pursuit, hanging out of the windows of their cars. Our limo was doing 90 and spinning out constantly on the dusty roads. It’s a wonder we are here to tell the tale.”

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Interview except below:

What are your following favorites? 

Place to fall in love: “A dance hall. I met my wife at The Palais in Leicester. There is nothing like the feeling of falling in love in a room full of strangers, all holding onto a partner and the hope that The Last Waltz will last forever.”

Hotel: “I recently visited The Grand Hyatt Erawan in Bangkok. If ever I felt like a king…it was the day the staff gathered outside to see me off and showered me in rose petals. I think it’s on YouTube somewhere but that was some goodbye! I’ll definitely be back.”

Favorite airport: “Dubai’s is big, open, great restaurants and many connections. Nashville Airport is small, welcoming and you always see someone you know as you go. You see struggling artists singing for the customers in the cafe… putting their truth into the lyrics of a great country song. Plus…I have family there to meet me. I love hearing all the stars making the announcements on the tannoy system.”    

Late night bar: “Any smokeless, quiet, cozy, intimate place that is close to my hotel room. It’s where the bartender is from the school of Casablanca and will lend an ear and keep his eye off his watch. It’s a place to watch the world in slow motion and unwind. There is one place that fits the bill to a tee. It’s across the cobbled courtyard from my home in Leicester…she’s called The Duchess of Hamilton and is my very own pub. Only open to family and friends and I hold the key and draw the pints.”

Best food: “I am definitely exotic when it comes to my palette. Indian, Korean, Japanese, Thai, and sometimes just a toasted cheese sandwich dipped in a good cuppa tea…”

Weekend getaway: “Paris would have to top the list. I spent my honeymoon there before we had anything. We saw everything through the eyes of love and it was more than enough. Now I have dear friends there and love this authentic city and it’s architecture and culture and music. The French love a great melody and romantic lyric…as do I.”

Beach: “I remember a beach in Waikiki where I sat and chatted with Lana Turner every day and my daughter chatted and flashed her braces at Tom Selleck. My wife was happy to join either conversation and keep her eye on the situation! I’m kidding. The point is, there are some beautiful beaches in this world, but it’s who you chose to bury your toes in the sand with and soak up the sun and conversation with that really makes the location one to remember.”

Walking city: “I’d have to say Sydney, as the city is just waking up and the fruit shops and cafes are setting up. It’s such a clean city and very welcoming.”

Place you never get sick of: “Hawaii. From the moment you step off the plane, the aroma fills you and pushes aside the everyday worries. The people and the beauty of the place make me feel tranquil, as does New Zealand.”

Click Here to read ’10 Travel Questions with Engelbert Humperdinck’ on Wonderlust

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  1. Emília Palhinha de Almeida - February 22, 2018 11:25 am

    Enge, of all the stars of night and day, You’re the one that lights up my life.

    Love This, Love Your VOICE, Love Your Sexy Style.
    Have to listen and see You soon!
    Have to!

  2. Sharon mocho - February 22, 2018 12:08 pm

    Yuo are rhe consummate entertainer. I have followed you for 50 years.this month ,i was at 4 shows. Hope we don’t have to wait until sept to see you again. Bless you and your family,i know what a difficult time you are going through. Love and blessings.

  3. Patricia Longley - February 22, 2018 12:40 pm

    Beautiful as only Engelbert can sing it

  4. Kandi - March 5, 2018 1:04 pm

    Absolutely like the transparency. Thanks again, Limo.


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