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Critically acclaimed German punk rockers, DONOTS have been featured on Write.Click.Cook.Listen, which featured their track “I Will Deny.” Donots released their 10th studio album, ‘¡CARAJO!,’ earlier this month. The album journeys through topics of friendships, relationships, disappointments, and hope. ‘¡CARAJO!’ captures the past, present, and future sound of the veteran punk band. Listen to the track below and check out what Write.Click.Cook.Listen had to say about the track.

For the first forty-five seconds “I Will Deny” is nothing more (or less) than a baker’s dozen batch of ohing, melodic guitar strumming and spoken word sampling. Then the track kicks things into hyper gear: the music speeds up, the vocals become more prominent and loud, the sneering goes through the roof. It is from this point forward that the Donots really put on display why they have been able to navigate the fields of German punk for so long. The track combines all that is good and right with classic punk (think energy and loud delivery) with a melodic passion that would appeal to a new generation of punk fan. Add in the immediacy and present day relevance of the lyrics and you’ve got a punk song that should be able to transcend genres.

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¡CARAJO!’ is now available digitally in North America. The album is available for digital purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. It is available for streaming on Spotify andBandcamp. Physical copies of ‘¡CARAJO!’ can be purchased exclusively in OK!Good Records web-store.

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