DONOTS’ Album ¡CARAJO! Featured in The Spill Magazine

Toronto based Spill Magazine featured Donots’ tenth studio album ¡CARAJO! that is now available in North America. The band’s versatility and musical skill is shown on each song of the fourteen track album.

¡CARAJO!, which was previously released as a German language album, reached the Top 5 Chart. Hitting the highest position on the charts to date overseas, the English version of ¡CARAJO! is nothing less than great.  To read what Spill Magazine has to say on Donots head on over to their website.

¡CARAJO!’ is now available digitally in North America. The album is available for digital purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. It is available for streaming on Spotify and Bandcamp. Physical copies of ‘¡CARAJO!’ can be purchased exclusively in OK!Good Records web-store.

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