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Global Rockstar Magazine recently reviewed Donots while they were touring to promote their most recent release, Karacho. In their interview with Monica Mel of Global Rockstar Magazine, the band had plenty of inspiring insight as musicians to share:

What kind of character qualities make one suitable for a career in the music industry?

Endurance! Endurance is extremely important. And you must find your own path and stay true to that. If you make music like a flag-in-the-wind… people will notice! If you go what is hot at the moment? Ha, that’s exactly what we’ll do!… it just won’t work. You must find your path and then you must follow it.

DONOTS also explained why Karacho is their first album in their native tongue, German.

…Why wait 20 years and then sing in German? Is it Zeitgeist? The spirit of the time? German is in the air? Or is it your personal spirit?

We started making music in English because we all listened to Californian punk rock and at the beginning it was clear to us that we sing in English. It was natural.

It was also the spirit, back then, many punk rock bands from Germany sang in English. That’s how the scene was and we didn’t question it. Even if we had a lot of music in German in our records collections at home and we covered German-singing bands, Die Kassierer, Die Toten Hosen, Die Ärzte…

After 20 years we thought, let us try something else!

To read the interview in its entirety, go to Global Rockstar Magazine here.

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