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Singer-songwriter Janet Devlin’s Exclusive Interview With East of 8th

Singer-songwriter Janet Devlin spoke exclusively with alternative music blog East of 8th about newest release, December Daze. Her new Christmas EP was released November 27th and has been receiving rave reviews. Janet also spoke with the music blog about growing up being bullied, and how that has made her a stronger individual today. You can read some of feature below, but be sure to head over to East of 8th to read more.

Janet speaks about bullying:

“I just think that if someone’s picking on you for being different, as rough as it is, it’s a good thing.  It means that you’re you and you’re an individual and that is cool.  When school is over, you’ll find in the real world that you’re much cooler of a person than the people who are picking on you, from my experience, anyway.  You just have to be yourself.”

Janet on making her  December Daze EP:

“I decided this year I would be so festive, and I decided to write a Christmas song, “December Daze”.  It actually wasn’t so painful, so I decided to make a whole Christmas album.  When I started writing ‘Happy Holidays’, I got to the chorus and I thought ‘Oh my gosh. Everything has already been written.’  So I wrote the lyric ‘Have yourself a merry, happy, jolly, festive Christmas time.’ I just threw it all in there.  Go hard or go home I say!  It doesn’t take itself too seriously, it’s a little upbeat ukulele song,” she says.  “I managed to convince my merchandise warehousing team to form a choir for the day and do some backing vocals.  I use the term ‘choir’ very loosely-it was mainly a lot of shouting.”

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Janet’s new EP, December Daze, is available now for purchase in record stores nationwide, on Amazon, iTunes, and the OK!Good Records shop. The EP is also available for streaming on Spotify and Bandcamp.  Be sure to check out all of our exclusive Janet Devlin merchandise in our webstore.

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