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Enter to Win This Week’s Free Stuff Friday Giveaway!

This week’s Free Stuff Friday giveaway involves merchandise from international music legend Engelbert Humperdinck! We want to give you the opportunity to win a FREE 7″ Duets EP limited edition vinyl record from Engelbert Humperdinck.

The four duet selections for the EP include “Spinning Wheel” with Gene Simmons, “Never, Never, Never” with Olivia Newton-John, “It Matters To Me“ with Dionne Warwick, and “To Make You Feel My Love“ with Willie Nelson.

Here’s how to enter to win:

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        2. Leave a comment on this post letting us know who you would like Engelbert Humperdinck to do a duet with, who was not already featured on Engelbert Calling. Make sure to use the same email address that you used to sign up for the newsletter so we know how to contact you if you are the winner.

The contest is open until 12 PM (EST) on Wednesday, August 19th, 2015. One entry per person. All entries that meet the above requirements are eligible to win. One lucky random winner will be selected within 24 hours of the end of the contest and will be notified via email within 48 hours of their selection. If the winner does not respond within 3 days time, a new winner will be selected, so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox!


  1. Cathy Buskirk - August 14, 2015 3:22 pm

    I have many thoughts ….and for different reasons! But I think the number one right now would be Taylor Swift!
    Btw, I have this vinyl lp and love it….but one can not ever have too much Engelbert!

  2. Rosemary Carroll - August 14, 2015 3:56 pm

    Rod Stewart – I’d love to hear Engelbert duet with Rod! Engelbert Calling is a fabulous album of wonderful duets and we want more!

  3. Ron Wainwright - August 14, 2015 5:13 pm

    I would love to see Englebert and Tom back together for a duet..!!!!

  4. Carol Bishop - August 14, 2015 5:13 pm

    I would love Enge to do a duet with Bruno Mars…they have a history and it would be a fun revisit.
    Love the Duets CD but then love everything that Enge does.

    • Matthias Nicklas - August 17, 2015 3:26 pm

      indeed a great idea carol

  5. Norma Covolesky - August 14, 2015 9:25 pm

    I think a duet with Enge and Marie Osmond would be great ! They sang together many years ago on a tv show and were fantastic ,why not now !

    • Cathy Buskirk - August 15, 2015 9:38 pm

      I thought the same thing about Marie!

  6. Joan andrews - August 14, 2015 10:35 pm

    I would like to have Enge to do a duet with Jesse colter it would be the greatest .love songs with the both of them would be a hit

  7. Cynthia Santangelo - August 15, 2015 2:44 am

    I would enjoy hearing Engelbert sing a duet with Barbra Sreisand.

  8. Dinaly Garcia - August 15, 2015 9:00 am

    What can possibly be more romantic than Engelbert singing ?
    Engelbert singing in Spanish ♡
    And my choice would be Luis Miguel
    Let’s Du-et ☆☆

  9. elizabeth a jones - August 15, 2015 10:03 am

    I would like to hear him make a duet with Diana Ross

  10. Faith Heidel - August 15, 2015 11:15 am

    Engelbert is the best – I have the Duets CD and am looking forward to Engelbert’s next CD, Redialed – Barry Gibb and Reba would be great in a duet with Enge.

  11. Estelle de laurentis - August 15, 2015 9:56 pm

    Estelle delaurentis 8

  12. Estelle de laurentis - August 15, 2015 9:59 pm

    Estelle delaurentis 8-15 2015. ENGE should do a duet with Celine DIon both power house voices

  13. Cindy - August 16, 2015 6:40 pm

    Would love to hear a duet with Tom Jones but if that is not possible then I would love to hear one done with Marie or Donny Osmond….All three would make an excellent

  14. Matthias Nicklas - August 17, 2015 3:25 pm

    First of all thanks to you guys for making this album possible in the first place.
    I’m a huge Engelbert fan since my birth back in ’96. Since then he’s been the soundtrack to my life and I think Engelbert Calling is one of his best.
    My wish for a future duetpartner would definitely be Michael Buble. I think Engelbert and him would sound fantastic together.

  15. Scott mcCumber - August 17, 2015 3:44 pm

    I think Engelbert should do a duet with Tony Bennett.

  16. Linda Young - August 17, 2015 3:45 pm

    I’d love him to do a duet with Natalie Cole. He admired Nat so much and I think the two of them would sound fabulous together!

  17. WENDY Sontag - August 17, 2015 6:52 pm

    Hi would love to win this. Hmm who would i enjoy him singing with. Marie and Donny Osmond . Barbra ,

  18. Grace Creamer - August 17, 2015 8:18 pm

    I think a duet with Josh Groban or Michael Buble would be awesome.
    His duet album is amazing.

  19. Denise Startare - August 17, 2015 9:05 pm

    I think he should do a duet with Barbara Streisand, he has the most powerful male voice and she has one of the most powerful women’s voices

  20. Ellen reddy - August 18, 2015 1:08 am

    A duet with Ed Sheeran or James Blunt

  21. Dianne Opalewski - August 18, 2015 7:00 am

    There are several that would be awesome, Michael Buble & Rod Stewart, just to name a few.

  22. doris stoerrle - August 18, 2015 9:48 am

    I would love to have engelbert sing with michael bolton

  23. Fab - August 28, 2015 4:27 am

    bruno mars


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