Pop Matters Reviews Janet Devlin’s ‘Running With Scissors’

Pop Matters has recently reviewed Janet Devlin‘s debut album Running With Scissors, in which they gave the album a 6 out of 10. Pop Matters gave a great and thorough review of the album, which you can read fully on PopMatters.com. “Janet Devlin gleefully confronts the outer reaches of self-identity and self-determination on Running With Scissors. She does it through such a wide-eyed panoramic lens that you can almost see the layers of naïveté being peeled away as her angular but polished tones glide across her 10-song sequence of lovelorn and fun loving folk pop,” says Pop Matters.

With a title like Running with Scissors, you’d expect the album to have a youthful vibe to it, somewhat rebellious but with a playful bent. Certainly, Running with Scissors leans heaviest on childhood tropes: the reliance on the age-old fear of the dark in “Creatures of the Night”; the references to card games in “House of Cards”; “Hide & Seek” and its denotations; the twinkling sound of a music box and the hushed singing in “Whisky Lullabies.”

What Running with Scissors really shows us, though, is that Janet Devlin has grown a lot since her 2011 appearance on Series 8 of The X-Factor. As she continues to navigate the lush instrumentation of strumming guitars and dramatic strings that adorn Running with Scissors, her voice and musical ambition can only be the better for it. And that will be a wonderful treat.

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You can read the full album review at PopMatters.com

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