ATP! Janet Devlin Exclusive Track-by-Track

Alter The Press! Track-by-Track Commentary on Janet Devlin’s Running With Scissors

Alter The Press! has published an exclusive Track-by-Track Commentary today of Running With Scissors, the debut album by Northern Irish singer-songwriter Janet Devlin.  Alter The Press! also recently reviewed Running With Scissors, giving it a rating of 4.5/5.  The commentary, penned by Janet Devlin herself, discusses each song on Running With Scissors and how each song came to fruition.  Recording several songs proved to be a test of emotional endurance, such as in the song “Things We Lost In The Fire:”

Things We Lost in the Fire – As this song is such an emotional and personal song I wanted to portray as much of the emotion in the track as I possibly could. My producers came up with this idea that if I could visualise the person that the song was written about it may help me get into the right mindset for singing it. Although I was successful in doing so, I must admit it was really hard to try and sing when on the verge of tears.

Janet also shared her feelings on deciding to put a cover song on her album, “Friday I’m In Love” by the Cure:

Friday I’m in Love – I never expected to actually put a cover on this album however I’m really glad that I did. I know that this was a risky track to cover because no one’s going to do it just as good as The Cure can. I tried putting my own spin on this one though with the instruments I’ve chosen. This is another track that is great fun to do live because everyone knows it and most people get involved because it appeals to not only the older audience members but the younger ones too!

You can read the entire Track-by-Track Commentary here on Alter The Press! of Running With Scissors, which debuts tomorrow on OK!Good Records! Purchase a pre-order pack at the OK!Good webstore, or pre-order the album on iTunes.

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