Grand Rapids Classic Hits Features Carly Jamison’s Brand New Christmas Single

 grand rapidsCarly Jamison has recently released her latest Christmas single titled “The Happiest Christmas Tree” and it has already been featured on WFGR Grand Rapids Classic Hits. Carly Jamison covers Nat King Cole’s “The Happiest Christmas Tree” and gives the song a new rock edge.

Grand Rapids Classic Hits also posted Carly’s music video for “The Happiest Christmas Tree,” in which they stated “Despite its edgy punk sound, the song is kind of cute, but the video of a bizarre, animated gingerbread man dancing to the song at famed New York nightclub CBGB’s may be the strangest thing you see today.” The video is fun and definitely sparks a conversation.

Jamison says she chose “The Happiest Christmas Tree” because “I wanted to do an angry rock version of it”, she says, “but Tres Sasser, my producer, wanted me to do a cover of a Ramones Christmas song. In the end, we were inspired to combine both ideas and do a cover of the Nat King Cole song in the style of The Ramones. We think it worked out really well.”

You can watch the video for “The Happiest Christmas Tree” below:

“The Happiest Christmas Tree” is available for download at:
You can read the full article from Grand Rapids Hits here:

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