The Merry Podcast Features Songs by Carly Jamison

my merry xmasCarly Jamison has been featured on The Merry Podcast  on for her new holiday songs.  She was featured on Merry Podcast #43 which was The Great Thanksgiving Show of 2014.

New music in this episode from Carly Jamison **who rocks** a couple of new Christmas tunes this year showcases in a small way how the music of the holiday season has shaped our celebrations.’

You can listen to the Merry Podcast #43 below or by clicking HERE.

What is The Merry Podcast? It’s My Merry Christmas for your ears! It’s an audio podcast featuring one-of-a-kind programs exploring everything about Christmas with the help of the team from Merry Christmas Radio, an online radio station broadcasting Christmas year-round. The podcasts are available on The Merry Podcast website, their Facebook page, and at iTunes.

Make sure you give them a listen!

You can listen to Carly Jamison’s Christmas songs HERE

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