Paper Aeroplanes Do Guest Column For Q Magazine

Paper Aeroplanes recently did a guest column for music magazine, Q Magazine. For Paper Aeroplanes’ article they spoke about songs that inspired their music, why it is sometimes important to have a message in music, and devoted fans. You can check out the full post here.

Here is a quote from their article:

From football songs to chants at political rallies, melody gives a catchy element to words that make them easy to remember and, perhaps more importantly, harder to forget. But it’s the emotional response to certain melodies that I believe adds that extra “shade of meaning”.

Music gathers people together. Supporting a band from the early days of tiny club gigs through to a major breakthrough can be a cause in itself for many devoted fans. From an artist’s point of view I can tell you that when a gig goes well it can feel like a huge family gathering. When better to try to get an important message across than in a venue filled with people who have come to see you perform your music and deliver your message, whether it’s one of heartbreak or politics.

Paper Aeroplanes’ album, The Day We Ran Into The Sea can be purchased/streamed on our website. Click on the artwork below.

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