Alkaline Trio Frontman Forms New All-Star Side Project – Matt Skiba And The Sekrets

Fans of Alkaline Trio will be excited to know that guitarist and singer Matt Skiba has formed a new side project called Matt Skiba and the Sekrets. The “Sekrets” portion of the band consists of Hunter Burgan, bassist from AFI and Jarrod Alexander, drummer of My Chemical Romance. The new album entitled “Babylon” will be released on May 8th on Superball Music.

In a recent interview with, Matt had this to say about the sound of the record:

To be honest, it’s not that different from Alkaline Trio, which was somewhat intentional. The musicianship is completely different and there is a heavier post-punk influence to the songs. I really like that Brandon Flowers solo record so I was psyched when it sounded a lot like the Killers, but definitely had its own thing. That gave me a little reassurance going into this thinking it may sound a bit like Alkaline Trio but that it’s cool. There are some rock songs on the record for the boys and some dancy ones for the girls.

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Previews for two songs have been set free into the internet wild. Check out the YouTube videos for the tracks “All Fall Down” and “Voices” below.

Matt also recently did a video interview with AbsolutePunk where he talks about the new record.

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