The Daily Campus Reviews Sparkadia’s The Great Impression

The Daily Campus, the student-run newspaper of the University of Connecticut, had great things to say about Sparkadia’s The Great Impression! Read what they wrote about the album:

“Through the long history of this country, America has thrived off of imported goods. Foods, fuels, and even the arts have come from all around the world. Music is not any different. In 2011, English artist Adele subjugated the competition and dominated every top selling album and single chart. There is no end in sight for Adele’s success, considering she is still selling hundreds of thousands of copies of “21” per week. Bands like Coldplay and U2 have been mainstays on U.S. radio charts for years. Though not as commercially visible, there are plenty of international bands and artists who are working to earn the attention of American ears. Though some fail and some prosper, but good music will always prevail.

Sparkadia is a very versatile indie-rock group from Australia. Led by frontman Alex Burnett, the band released their debut album “Postcards” in Australia in 2008. After touring abroad, reconstruction of the group, and a new vision from Burnett, 2011 brought their first official U.S. release. Though not the first Sparkadia album, “The Great Impression” is the first American release. To many people in the U.S. it is their first exposure to the group and its music.

It’s not often when the music of a completely new and unheard artist falls into my lap. Fittingly with this album, “The Great Impression,” personified its name perfectly. The music of Sparkadia is complex, quirky, and anthemic.

Sparkadia has a unique sound that can’t be shoved into only one genre. Immediately, the music reminded me of some elements of my favorite artists. I heard the alternative sounds of Coldplay, the bluesy Black Keys, and Toro Y Moi all rolled into one album.

The Great Impression has a variety of obscure sounds and layers, adding overall volume to each. Check out “Fingerprints” for the synth backing and echoed clap. “Mary” is a strong offering with pretty personal and noteworthy lyrics.

Alex Burnett’s voice and inflection is the perfect combination of Dan Auerbach and Chris Martin with just enough personality sprinkled into the mix. My personal favorite offering, “Talking Like I’m Falling Down Stairs” is a great example of a well crafted and catchy chorus on top of a heavily layered background sound.

Naming an album “The Great Impression” has some deep implications attached to it. However, the American debut by Sparkadia lived up to its name. In twelve tracks, I was convinced to buy the album and would definitely support their projects in the future.”

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