Hafdis Huld Review and Giveaway on The Retro Housewife!

The Retro Housewife, a blog that chronicles the life and interests of a modern retro homemaker, wrote a great feature on Hafdis Huld and is holding a giveaway for a chance to win Hafdis’ newest album, Synchronised Swimmers. Check out what The Retro Housewife had to say about Hafdis’ music and find out how to enter the contest below:

Hi gals (and guys!)

I wanted to share with you all my recent discovery, Hafdis Huld- she is a gorgeous singer from Iceland. What first attracted me was that not only is she just a doll but she also is one of us! Thats right, she LOVES retro, she dresses retro, furnishes retro, the girl even has a pink kitchen! But what kept me on her site was her gorgeous, sweet, soothing voice. Her music is definitely not mainstream but heck neither are we! Very original music which I totally love, you know how nowadays you here a song and you have a hard time figuring out who sings it because they all sound the same? You don’t have that problem with this lovely lady, she is truly one of a kind. Check out her music here. You can check out her website here, make sure you go down to the bottom of the page and click on the blog, she has videos up and her personality totally comes through, her sweetness, her liveliness, her sense of fun and awe, she just seems like one of those people you could be great friends with and giggle over hot chocolate.

We are fortunate enough to have a giveaway on the blog of one of her CDs! To enter simply leave me a comment on what you think of her music and a question for her. When I reveal the winner of the giveaway I will post her answers to your question as well.

The giveaway submission period is open until Friday June 3rd. Good luck!!

Check out the original post here: http://ahappyhomeisaretrohome.blogspot.com/2011/05/giveaway.html.

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