Janet Devlin speaks to Celeb Mix about her new single, “Honest Men”

Celeb Mix interviews Janet Devlin about the story behind her new single, “Honest Men”, and her upcoming album, “Confessional”

Irish singer-songwriter, Janet Devlin, recently released the third single, “Honest Men”, from her highly anticipated sophomore album, “Confessional”. She spoke exclusively to online music, film, and entertainment website Celeb Mix about the writing process for the single, as well as her upcoming album.

Janet describes “Honest Men” as “the most miserable song off the album”, and says that she intended it to be “the musical embodiment of where [her] depression [takes her]”. She told Celeb Mix that the inspiration behind the track came from when she was struggling with Seasonal Affective Disorder in January of 2018.

“I wrote this track in January 2018 when I hit a major low. I had a new paranoia that I’d never experienced before so I thought everyone was out to get me. So “where have all the honest men gone” is me and my distrust of people at the time.”

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While both the album and the single are incredibly personal, Janet admitted she doesn’t find the subject matters difficult to share. She says,

“I’m a very open book with my friends and family, so it just feels right to me that anyone who cares to know more about me, can. There’s a strong message of hope within it all so if it manages to help one person along the way then that’d be amazing.”

Janet’s reveals that her upcoming album, “Confessional”, contains “[a] lot of secret revealing and a musical journey comparative to the ups and downs of life.” Celeb Mix asked Janet what drove her decision to release her first album in four years now, and Janet replied,

“It’s not so much that it was a decision, it’s just how it happened to be. As it’s a concept record, I didn’t want to rush it. There were so many things that had to be taken into consideration. I had to write the book also, which took up a lot of time and I also shot a whole photo concept project to go alongside too. Not to mention that I wrote a minimum of three tracks for each chapter! I just didn’t want to rush something so personal.”

Read Janet’s full exclusive interview with Celeb Mix here.

Janet Devlin’s sobering anti-ballad, “Honest Men” was released on January 10th on OK!Good Records and is available to stream and download on all streaming platforms. The record is her third single from her upcoming concept album, “Confessional”, following the 2019 releases, “Confessional”, and “Saint of the Sinners”. These singles set the stage and narratively introduce the themes that will be explored in the album and accompanying book, which are set for release in the spring of 2020.

Janet Devlin - Honest Men - Cover Art

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