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In case you missed it, singer-songwriter Janet Devlin recently was featured on Punk Out’s Artist Corner for her blog post entitled “The Pursuit of Personal Identity.” Janet blogs about her experience bullying, how she coped with it, and what she has learned. Janet hopes to help others by sharing her stories of bullying. She has worked hand in hand with numerous children’s charities, anti-bullying charities, and has played many events dedicated to the subject. This year she worked alongside rap duo SHY & DRS to create the song “Beautiful to Me.” It was the official song of National Anti-Bullying Week here in the UK. The video focused predominately on the issue of cyber-bullying. 20% of record sales went towards helping two charities called Childline and Ditch the Label. You can read some of Janet’s “The Pursuit of Personal Identity” below, but be sure to head over to Punk Out to read the full article.

I’ve never been good at fitting in. All my life I’ve obtained the “weird kid” title, no matter what friendship circle or social environment I have come to find myself a part of. It was never the good kind of outcast like you see in the teen movies – the kid who was different but still managed to have a friendship circle – I didn’t even have that. I was an easy target. I was the metaphorical fish in the barrel and the other kids had the gun. It wasn’t my choice to be different, but it was a choice to not conform to who/what they wanted me to be.

I always liked Kurt Cobain’s quote, “I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for what am not.” It seemed apt given my situation. I experienced all types of bullying growing up – physical, mental, and cyber. My story isn’t one of great advice, but just one of personal experience. I always get asked to shed some light on this topic and potentially help other people by doing so, however, I didn’t take many of the advised measures.

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Watch the music video for “Beautiful To Me (feat. Janet Devlin)” below:

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