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Cryptic Rock Reviews Janet Devlin’s ‘December Daze’ EP

Janet Devlin‘s new EP, December Daze, has just received a 5 out of 5 review from music blog Cryptic Rock. “Inspired by a trip to New York City, Devlin decided to write a holiday themed song, and as the holidays are steadily creeping closer, it is the perfect time for some heartwarming cheer. Set for release on Friday, November 27th, if listeners are expecting yet another boring cover of “All I Want For Christmas,” then they would be wrong with Devlin’s latest work. However, if listeners wants new Christmas songs to add to their collection, while also having some of the tried and true, then December Daze is the perfect early Christmas treat.” Check out some of Crytpic Rock’s review below, but be sure to check out the full review by clicking here.

Five tracks in total, Devlin kicks it off with an original song, and also the title of the EP, “December Daze.” Her voice is always the most noticeable aspect of her songs because of the way she mixes a higher pitch with a sultry sound. Violins, pianos, acoustic guitar, and bells come together to make a song that is perfect for a Christmas lullaby. She then pays respect to the great Joni Mitchell with the song “River,” starting off with the piano, sounding simply beautiful and relaxing.

Of course there are the classics, and the next song is a cover of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.”Again, vocals are key to this rendition, which being simply with Devlin’s voice and a keyboard. The fragile key tones is really all that it needs because Devlin’s voice has the melody and makes one want to curl up by the fire with some egg nog.

Following these several slow lullaby like songs, she hits one with a happy, original jingle, “Happy Holidays.” Jingling of bells, guitar, fiddling violin, and upbeat holiday lyrics make for a delightful listen that is far from boring.  Then, like that,December Daze closes with a totally A cappella version of “Silent Night.” With just her voice on the track, the inflection and emotion gives the listener a sense of comfort and  leaves them with chills.

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Janet’s December Daze is the perfect new addition to all Christmas playlists this holiday season! Why listen to old, boring holiday music when you could listen to some fun, cheery, and extremely catchy tunes from Janet Devlin. We guarantee December Daze will be your new favorite Christmas CD this holiday season.

Janet’s new festive EP, December Daze, will be available Friday, November 27th. The EP is now available for pre-order on OK!Good Records web-store. All pre-order purchases will be shipped the week of release. You can also pre-order the EP on PledgeMusic. Janet’s covers EP, Duvet Daze, will also be available digitally on Friday, November 27th in North America.

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