chromatic BLaCK Self-Titled Debut CD Now Available

OK! Good Records announces the release of chromatic BLaCK’s debut self-titled CD in the United States. The mind and speaker blowing album, which is currently available on iTunes, contains 11 tracks and will be available nationwide in stores on November 9, 2010.

Formally known as RiffRaff Whatever, not only did the band’s name change, but so did their musical approach and sound. A potent mix of hardcore, old school punk, and rock, everything about the band is now edgier and more raw and experimental, including their live shows which combine visual art, performance art and music. An accomplished DIY artist, lead singer Daniel R. Mueller’s preferred medium of choice is a synthesis of photos, audio, and video, all of which he artfully fuses into a complete and cohesive work, the result of which is a Frankenstein-esque multi-sensory collage, or as the band themselves describe it – “visual rock and roll.”

The band is best known for their intense live shows as seen in the video for “Alright (cos nothing is alright)”. On-stage antics are nothing uncommon for this band and the spastic crowd support is deeply encouraged. This band is now ready for American exposure as they have already received airplay on various college radio and internet radio stations due to their rapidly growing international fanbase. The self-titled album naturally appeals to fans of acts such as Bad Religion, Refused, and Black Flag.

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