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Germany’s critically acclaimed punk rockers, DONOTS’ new album, ¡CARAJO! is now available for purchase.

With a history of more than 20 years and their 1,000th show on the horizon in 2016, ¡CARAJO! marks the tenth studio album from Donots. Previously recorded entirely in German and released under the title, Karacho the album received rave reviews throughout Europe where it climbed to the Top 5 on the Album Charts, marking the band’s highest chart position to date.

The OK!Good Records release of ¡CARAJO!, features newly recorded English vocals and consists of sing-a-long punk anthems, uplifting bar brawl tracks, and melancholic wave pop tracks. With their tenth album the energetic five piece has managed to redefine and reinvent their sound while maintaining the characteristic trademarks that have found them thousands of fans around the globe.

¡CARAJO! has been described as the band’s most political record to date. “No Part of It” has become an anti-Nazi anthem throughout Germany during the ongoing refugee crisis. In a recent interview with Luxemburger Wort, lead singer Ingo Donot described how there are many themes spread across the album, “We’ve been working with a campaign group that delivers information and helps victims of Nazi assault. But (on the album) we also talk about friendships and relationships and disappointment and hope, it’s all in there.”

Track Listing:
1. I Will Deny
2. No Part of It
3. All the Weight of the World
4. Problem What Problem
5. You Can Never Be Alright
6. Damage
7. Faster
8. Head Up High
9. I’m on My Back
10. Stray Dog
11. The End of the World Was Yesterday
12. Better Than That
13. No Matter What
14. Camden Station, 1 AM

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