A Genuine Freakshow - Oftentimes
  • Release Date: April 24, 2012
  • Catalog No: OK 90119-2
  • Label: OK!Good Records
  • Type: Albums
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A Genuine Freakshow – Oftentimes

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Oftentimes is the first full length to come from A Genuine Freakshow, who have already begun to make a name for themselves in the UK with a tremendously unique sound that takes a traditional approach to pop songwriting but colors it with a dynamic pallet of orchestral timbres. Now that their music is crossing the pond, the band finds themselves in comparison to other indie rock American favorites such as Arcade Fire and Of Monsters and Men who have a similar knack for the tastefully grandiose. Yet, A Genuine Freakshow have truly found their sweet spot and carved out their own niche, creating a style of music that is intricate but unafraid of big melodies, as witnessed throughout the album and in particular on the lead track, “I Can Feel His Heartbeats” and single “Hopscotch Machine Gun Madness.”

Indie rockers A Genuine Freakshow have made a name for themselves in their home country of England with their quirky, catchy pop tunes often compared to the likes of Mew, Sigur Ros, and The National. After forming in 2008, the Reading-based seven-piece released a handful of singles on their own with a UK tour to follow in 2009, playing over a hundred live festivals, showcases and headlining shows. With a live line-up that includes violin, cello and trumpet in addition to the standard rock four-piece of guitar, bass, drums and vocals, their live shows have been described as a master class in how to do epic without slipping into pompous.

2012 sees the US release of A Genuine Freakshow s debut album, Oftentimes. The band showcases their talent in creating music that is intricate yet unafraid of big melodies, witnessed throughout the album and showcased on the singles I Can Feel His Heartbeats and Hopscotch Machine Gun Madness. A Genuine Freakshow is set to wow US audiences this spring with the release of Oftentimes on April 24 via OK! Good Records.


  1. We Are the Undercurrents
  2. I Can Feel His Heartbeats
  3. Hopscotch Machine Gun Madness
  4. New Houses
  5. She’s Got a Shooter (Part 1)
  6. You Cut Me Out
  7. Our Bodies
  8. Holding Hearts
  9. Warning Shot

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