Schiller - Timeline: The Very Best of 1998-2011

SCHILLER – Timeline: The Very Best of 1998​-​2011 CD


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“My name is Christopher von Deylen – and I am Schiller.” At some point during every Schiller concert, von Deylen speaks these ten words and the crowd goes wild. Schiller’s ethereal “global pop”, as his fans and the press have coined the style, gives the listener a feeling of floating in a dream world. Inspired by electronic classics such as Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, and Jean-Michel Jarre, von Deylen is known for creating visionary sounds that are way ahead of their time.

In 2012 we looked back on Schiller’s accomplishments throughout the years with Timeline: The Very Best of 1998-2011. The album chronicles the best and most important songs of Schiller’s career, compiling noteworthy tracks from prior albums such as Zeitgeist, Voyage, Day and Night, and Desire. Guest artists include Nadia Ali, Colbie Caillat, Chinese pianist Lang Lang, Indonesian-French artist Anggun, and more.

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