Janet Devlin – Outernet Song

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Janet Devlin returns with an addictive new single, entitled ‘Outernet Song,’ available for digital and physical purchase, as well as streaming on Friday, October 7th. Pre-orders are available now on iTunes and at http://www.janetdevlin.com/store/.

With Janet’s distinctive vocals, her ukulele and one of the catchiest choruses you’ll hear this year, ‘Outernet Song’ has all the makings of an instant pop classic. Covering our obsession with the Internet and social media, ‘Outernet Song’ showcases Janet’s honest and frank lyricism to great effect. This single couldn’t be more timely as more and more people embark on a “digital detox.”

“This song has long history. I started writing it on my ukulele when I was 19. Too many mornings spent watching TV and being told how to dress, how to look, and what to eat had worn away my confidence.”

Janet kept the lyrics written down and found herself adding to them at various points over the last couple of years. She penned more verses in response to some of the criticism she’s faced in her YouTube comments. “I discovered negative remarks about my appearance, unkind assessments of my talent and apparently being over the hill (at age 20!). I soon became pretty desensitized to it all and learnt to ignore them; but not before writing down how I felt to help me process my feelings and move on.”

With such an impressive online following, and a successful post X-Factor career built on the dedication of her fans and her online community, could she actually take the kind of social media holiday she sings about on ‘Outernet Song’?

“Yes. Just a small break is a window to re-evaluate. Sometimes we just need to step outside for a little while and go pet a dog or something. Am I saying that we should run through the meadows into the open arms of Mother Nature and hug trees? No. I mean pressing the pause button on the never-ending scroll. Doing something other than waiting for notifications, emails or likes. Then come back to the magnificent world that is the Internet and see it for what it really is. A perfect place to Google videos of dogs surfing.”


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