Hafdis Huld - Synchronised Swimmers
  • Release Date: November 23, 2010
  • Catalog No: OK 90107-2
  • Label: OK!Good Records
  • Type: Albums
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Hafdis Huld – Synchronised Swimmers

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Singer-songwriter Hafdís Huld was born in Reykjavik, Iceland and now divides her time between the UK and Iceland. From the age of 15 she sang and toured the world with iconic Icelandic collective Gus Gus. When they weren’t touring, Hafdis took time out to star in several Icelandic films.

Synchronised Swimmers is the second album from Hafdís Huld. It contains two Icelandic number one hits – Kónguló, which means spider in Icelandic and is about urban climber Alain Robert, and the title track, Synchronised Swimmers. The album finds that special place just left of center in the sphere of deliciously melodic and witty pop. The mood is playful and the touch is light on songs that sound like they were recorded with all participants sporting an ear-to-ear grin.


1. Action
2. Oldest Friend
3. Kongula
4. One of Those Things
5. Boys & Perfume
6. Daisy
7. Time of My Life
8. Homemade Lemonade
9. I Almost Know a Criminal
10. Robot Robot
11. Vampires
12. Winter Sun


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