Paper Aeroplanes

Paper Aeroplanes are a band¬†from western Wales. ¬†They have been making music together since they met at a rehearsal room in a tiny Welsh village of Llanfyrnach. Richard Llewellyn grew up on the Welsh coast, listening to late-night Irish Radio stations from across the sea and playing in various famous local bands. He became a talented session musician, touring Europe and the US with various well known bands on bass and acoustic guitars. Sarah has been writing songs since she was 13 and roping in any school friend she could find to sing along. Her first real band began shortly after with the help of best friend and neighbor Nia George and two rebellious boys from music class. After several name-changes, ‘Jylt’ toured universities and had many successes before tragically ending 5 years later when Nia lost an 18 month battle with Leukemia and left Sarah and the boys devastated and without a purpose.

The desire to make music and play live was too strong to end there, though, and when Sarah met Richard it seemed like an easy and obvious choice to start working together. The pair moved to Wales’ capital, Cardiff, for a new start and Paper Aeroplanes was then born.

Early success came with the use of their song When the Lights Go Out on a trailer for The OC in Australia and the Hallmark channel. Their debut album, The Day We Ran Into The Sea, is the result of several years writing, producing and spreading the word. The album features productions from the likes of Head (PJ Harvey’s long-time collaborator), John Reynolds (Sinead O’Conner, Belinda Carlisle) and Matt Prime (Will Young, Kelly Clarkson, Natalie Imbruglia). With the help of the internet, the band has grown in popularity across the UK, Europe and beyond. With national airplay from BBC Radio 2 and all three singles being playlisted at BBC Radio Wales, the word continues to spread.

Paper Aeroplanes continue to write songs about the sea and the city, love and loss, always with personal and emotional experiences at the their core with lyrics that seem to be a uniting force in the fans all over the world.

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