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“Every summer I dream
Dream the strangest of dreams
You were here by my side
For a while so it seemed

In the Valley of Kings
There’s no way to escape
Melting clocks in the sun
Wish you knew you made

The greatest impression on me
You made the greatest impression on me
You made

Every winter I fall
Fall back into your bed
You were on your way home
I was sleeping instead

You’re the lake that stays frozen
Every time that I wake
I’m still under your spell
Wish you knew you made.”

New Sparkadia Merch For Sale!

Leave a “Great Impression” on your loved ones (or yourself, no shame in that) this holiday season with some brand new Sparkadia merch! Multiple sizes of each one of three shirt designs are available, so there’s a little something for everyone on your list, and you can top it off with a hat to boot. Santa really DID come early this year!

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Sparkadia Featured On Blank Tape’s “Choice Sounds” Mixtape

Australian audio and video production company, Blank Tape featured Sparkadia’s “Mary” on their first mixtape that just released. The 13 track mixtape features many other artists that come out of Australia as well as artists from other parts of the world. The mixtape is a perfect companion soundtrack to the summer. Check it out below.

Blank Tape Choice Sounds (Volume 01) by blanktapemusic

Sparkadia’s “Mary” can be found on The Great Impression, which you can stream/purchase by clicking the artwork below:
sparkadia 600

Sparkadia’s “Talking Like I’m Falling Down Stairs” Video Now Featured On

Sparkadia’s surreal video clip for “Talking Like I’m Falling Down Stairs” is now available to stream over at! The video is currently being featured on MTV’s “just added” video section. Check out the video below or you could watch it over at

You can listen to “Talking Like I’m Falling Down Stairs” and the rest of Sparkadia’s The Great Impression by clicking on the artwork below.

Sparkadia’s “The Great Impression” Is Song of the Week On Slope Media!

Entertainment website/magazine, Slope Media is featuring Sparkadia’s track “The Great Impression” as one of their songs of the week. Awesome! You can check out the main article here. Click below to hear “The Great Impression” and the rest of Sparkadia’s album The Great Impression.

Sparkadia’s “Mary” Is Song Of The Day On Panic Manual

Music blog, Panic Manual, has featured Mary as their song of the day! Panic Manual described the track as sounding like “something Muse would have wrote in the early part of last decade – a bit overly dramatic with a definite rock touch that doesn’t derail into a parody of itself. It’s definite got an stadium rock anthem feel to it, if anything.” Panic Manual is a music blog that specializes in bringing the latest news on music, film, concerts, and more. You can check out the original article here.

You can also listen or purchase Mary and the rest of Sparkadia’s The Great Impression right here. Click on the artwork below.

My Indie Nation reviews “The Great Impression”

My Indie Nation provides a short but sweet review on Sparkadia’s The Great Impression. You can read what they thought of the album below:

The Great Impression is the second full-length studio album that released March 18, 2011 by Australian alternative rock band Sparkadia… with China and Talking Like I’m Falling Down Stairs as the singles released. A Sydney, Australia-born (2004) band, Sparkadia was originally the brainchild of vocalist Alex Burnett and drummer David Hall. The group eventually expanded by adding Tiffany Preece on guitars and vocals and Nick Rabone on bass.

On a recent road trip, we popped this puppy in and the golden highway of melodies led us to our final destination. From start to finish, this record is a solid story. While all of the tracks had their own electricity, we were especially drawn to Fingerprints, Ghost and Hurt Me. So if your summer calls upon the road warrior within, this is a must have record for the trip. ”

You can find the original article here.

The Great Impression is available now for purchase on iTunes and our website:

Luther College’s KWLC Reviews The Great Impression

KWLC, the student-run radio station of Luther College in Decorah, IA, posted a great review of Sparkadia’s The Great Impression in the college’s student newspaper, Chips. Check out what they had to say about Sparkadia’s US release:

“Released a year ago in the U.K., Sparkadia’s lastest release, ‘The Great Impression,’ has now hit American shores.

Hailing from Australia, the band began in 2004 as The Spark, but now is a solo project of Alexander Burnett after the group split up in 2009. This second full-length album was produced by Mark Tieku (Florence + the Machine) in London with Burnett playing multiple instruments on the recording.

The album beings with Burnett’s elegant vocals soaring over ambient sounds and percussion, recalling an optimistic memory of someone who made ‘the greatest impression on me.’ Yet this short opening track foreshadows the sadness that will soon become evident, and in the next track, ‘Fingerprints,’ Burnett laments that ‘your memory lingers long after your fingerprints.’

While his story may be conflicted, however, his music is not. Each track flows into the next, but holds its own style and dynamic. Burnett’s voice is both lyrical and loud, well in tune with the harmonies and fitting to the ’80s rock ballad sound that reminds me somewhat of Empire of the Sun.

This sound though, is not out-dated; Sparkadia is fresh and vibrant. The first time I listened to the album, I didn’t realize I had listened to the whole thing until I saw an hour had passed. Catchy numbers like ‘Love Less Love’ will have you moving around despite the reflective lyrics.

‘Mary’ will capture you in a rock anthem that speaks to the dangers of love, exposing Burnett’s torn emotions and making one wonder what kind of woman this Mary could be to inspire such a lengthy and intense album. The drama doesn’t fade as the album continues and Burnett explains, ‘I started something I couldn’t finish.’

Piano sounds similar to Keane begin ‘Fade From View,’ a track that brings back the optimism of memory’s ability to keep people around. But with the final song, ‘Too Young,’ Burnett finally accepts a brighter future, getting over this woman who he realizes he never really knew. Yet whoever inspired this 14 track album must have been one heck of a woman.

After listening to it all the way through again, I find that Burnett is not just singing for himself, but that these songs are for others to listen and learn from. He put a lot of hard work into the instrumentals, melodies and harmonies on this album, but the lyrics are something else.

I think ‘The Great Impression’ is worth a full length listen for us Americans as this Aussie has really made one on me.”

Read the original review on Chips’ website.

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of The Great Impression now!

WSBU Reviews Sparkadia

WSBU, St. Bonaventure University’s student run radio station, reviewed Sparkadia’s The Great Impression on their blog. Check out what they had to say about the album:

“The Great Impression certainly leaves an impression as Sparkadia’s newest LP release. This Australian act makes its biggest statement with the song “Mary,” which they released as a single this past Valentine’s Day.

Echoing Queen, Florence and the Machine and inserting their own unique choral flavor, Sparkadia doesn’t just get their foot in the door, nope, they shoved in Jolie’s whole right leg.

The album immediately picks up after that, following “Mary” with [sparkadia] “Shoot Straight,” a chunky rock song with a haunting verse, reminding the listener that “the heart is the softest place, so shoot straight.”

The Great Impression is certainly an appropriate title for this album as it rocks the standards of indie-alternative. Sparkadia is definitely worth a listen, because when they get it—they really get it.”

Read the original article here.

The Great Impression is available now for purchase on iTunes and our website: