FAIRCHILD Has Announced Their First Ever UK Show

FAIRCHILD show poster FAIRCHILD  is excited to announce that they will be playing their first ever UK show, which will take place Tuesday, February 10th in London. The band will be relocating to the UK a few days prior to the show; which means this show is great way for the Australia natives to introduce themselves to the London music scene. FAIRCHILD will be joined by supporting act SHEIKH, indie rock band hailing from Bahrain. The show will be taking place at Sebright Arms in London. For more information, make sure you visit fairchildband.net.

FAIRCHILD is currently in the studio recording new material before they relocate to the UK. They are hitting the studio again with Catherine Marks, who the band worked with while recording ‘Sadako’ EP. FAIRCHILD’s ‘Sadako’ EP is now available digitally on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. On February 10th, you will be able to purchase a physical copy of  ‘Sadako’ EP via the OK!Good Records web-store. More information regarding pre-orders will be coming soon.

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National Geographic Features FAIRCHILD in Short Film of the Gold Coast

Fairchild PromoNational Geographic has chosen FAIRCHILD‘s “Dancer” as the featured track for their short film showcasing Australia’s Gold Coast. Spectacular Views of Australia’s Gold Coast in Time-Lapse is a featured film for National Geographic’s short film showcase. Joe Capra shot the short film for Gold Coast Tourism. The short film captures all of the beauty that the Gold Coast has to offer.

It’s only fitting that FAIRCHILD is the featured artist for this short film, considering they are natives of the Gold Coast. The song featured, “Dancer,” can be found on their ‘Burning Feet’ EP which was released prior to their latest EP ‘Sadako’. You can find all the FAIRCHILDs music on iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

You can watch National Geographic: Spectacular Views of Australia’s Gold Coast in Time-Lapse below:

The Music Ninja Premiered FAIRCHILD “Stay Young (Midnight Mix)”

FAIRCHILDs “Stay Young (Midnight Mix)” has premiered on The Music Ninja. The “Stay Young (Midnight Mix)” is an exclusive track off of the North American release of ‘Sadako’ EP, which was released via OK!Good Records on November 18th.

The tune starts off with some fast-paced drum lines, soon to be driven by these delicate muted guitar melodies. Adam Lyons, the singer of the group, provides us with vocals that are pleasant and emotionally driven. The lyrics are nothing short of wonderful, as they appeal to the younger generation through a powerful message. With such positive energy in their music, Fairchild manages to create a sound that is refreshing and universal.” – The Music Ninja

“Stay Young (Midnight Mix)” is only available on the North American release of ‘Sadako’ EP. You can listen to the exclusive “Stay Young (Midnight Mix)” below:

FAIRCHILDs ‘Sadako’ EP was released in North America on November 18th. You can purchase FAIRCHILDs ‘Sadako’ EP on iTunes and Amazon. ‘Sadako’ EP is available for streaming on Spotify and Bandcamp.

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Engelbert Humperdinck Featured on Brooklyn Vegan

EH- brooklyn vegan cover 600Engelbert Humperdinck was featured in a post on Brooklyn Vegan. Engelbert Humperdinck released his first ever duet album Engelbert Calling on September 30th. Engelbert Calling features duets with many musical legends such as Elton John, Gene Simmons, Willie Nelson, and Wynonna Judd just to name a few.

Engelbert Calling produced by Grammy award winner Martin Terefe, who is best-known for his work with Jason Mraz, James Morrison, KT Tunstall, and Mary J Blige. “Working with Engelbert is such a truly remarkable experience,” Terefe stated when asked about his work with Engelbert. “He is without a doubt one of the best singers around today and brings so much other musical knowledge to the table.”

Engelbert Calling is available at music retailers nationwide and online. Engelbert Humperdinck will also be embarking on his North American tour this month. Click HERE to see a list of the full tour dates.

You can stream the album on the Brooklyn Vegan through Spotify.

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Engelbert Calling Featured As Jam Of The Day On Jamspreader Music Blog

Engelbert Calling Jamspreader Feature

Father And Son, a track from Engelbert Humperdinck’s new duets CD, Engelbert Calling, has been featured as the Jam Of The Day on the Jamspreader music blog. CLICK HERE to check it out. Father And Son is a duet between Engelbert Humperdinck and his son Bradley Dorsey and an acoustic cover of a Cat Stevens song.

JamSpreader is a multi-genre music blog that seeks to expose new music and artists to a wider audience of potential fans. They’ve been featuring a single a day and adding them to their Spotify playlist as well. Father And Son is in good company on that playlist with some of the hottest music artists of the day including Meghan Trainer, The Gaslight Anthem, Train, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Andrew McMahon, Shaggy, Barbra Streisand, and lots of others.

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We just put together a new playlist with all our latest and greatest releases for everyone to check out in one convenient place. This OK! Good playlist is ready to be taken wherever you go, so you can enjoy our tunes without having to be tied down to any computer or stereo! Check out the playlist below, and why not follow us while you are visiting? (We won’t bite).

Music For The Transit of Venus

The transit of Venus is a very rare celestial event in which the planet Venus can be seen crossing the path of the sun from Earth. Transits of Venus occur in pairs eight years apart separated by either 105.5 years or 121.5 years. The last Venus transit occurred in 2004, and the next pair won’t happen until 2117 and 2125, making this Tuesday/Wednesday, June 5th/6th everyone’s last chance to see the transit take place in their lifetimes.

The time the transit of Venus will be depends on your location on planet Earth. You can check this site to see if and when it will be visible to you. For people on the East coast of the US, the transit will take place towards the end of the day and will still be in progress at sunset.

Of course witnessing the event will be easier said than done. Simply starring into the sun would be a bad idea. Unless you have special sun viewing glasses or telescope with a solar filter, the best way to see the Venus traverse the sun will probably be on the NASA website, as they plan to cover the whole event live.

This event is so special I figured it warranted it’s very own playlist. So after some searching on Spotify it turns out that the 2nd rock from the sun has inspired a lot of music. I quickly went through the search results and picked out some of the best. The playlist has tracks from Bjork, Brandon Boyd, T. Rex and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, plus plenty of obscure tracks. So while you check out the transit, crank up the tunes and enjoy

Coachella 2012 Spotify Playlist – Our Picks

It’s April and that means both spring and great music are in the air in Southern California. Coachella is one of the biggest annual music festivals in the US and always has fantastic rock bands on the bill. This year is the first time the festival is being held over the course of 2 weekends. The first weekend of Coachella 2012 just completed with the next coming up April 20st -22nd.

The list of names on the Coachella 2012 bill is massive, spanning a broad range of genres from rock to rap to electronica. We thought the list of rock bands would make for a great Spotify playlist, so we went ahead picked out some of our favorite artists to share with the world. And since none of us could be at Coachella this year, we figure listening to the bands on Spotify is the next best thing.

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Check Out OK!Good Spotify playlists and The New Spotify Buttons

Spotify playlists are becoming all the rage these days. They’re kind of like the modern day version of the mix tape, except they’re easier to compile and share. This past week, Spotify came out with their new music button, which we think is going to catapult the popularity of their playlists sky high. The new button allows you to embed playlists right into your website. The only draw back is that if you don’t already have the Spotify program on your computer, you’ll have to download it and launch it before you can hit play on a Spotify button. This will likely become less of an issue as the program becomes more ubiquitous.

So we’re excited to try this out on our blog for the first time. Here’s a button for our latest Spotify playlist: Bands Named After Food – Hungry? Here’s a whole playlist full of bands who’s names are themed around food. Feed your ears.

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